Converting A LOR1602W To A Single Input Cord

This information applies to the LOR1602W Showtime controller.
The 1602W conversion is not intuitive because the hot jumper terminals are already used by the wires coming from the power switch
If you are converting a PlanetChristmas controller, just install the hot and neutral jumpers and move on.

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Some pictures show the controller inverted for easier wiring access.
The terms “left” and “right” always assume you are looking at the front of the controller with the cords to the bottom.

Below are pairs of pictures showing the 1602 wiring (left) and the 1600 wiring (right)





Here's what you need for the conversion:

Insulated 0.25" piggyback quick disconnect for 16-14 gauge wire (blue).
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6" piece of stranded insulated black 14 gauge wire
4" white tie wrap (not picture)
3/4" solid non-insulated 14 gauge wire

Assemble the new jumper

Remove the cover plate

Disconnect the hot input wire (black) from the left input cord from the input of the left fuse

Move the hot wire (black) from the right input cord to the input of the left fuse

Temporarily disconnect the existing jumper from the output of the left fuse

Connect the piggyback terminal from the new jumper to the output of the left fuse

Reconnect the loose existing jumper end to the back of the piggyback terminal

Secure the connections at the piggyback terminal to the fuse holder using a tie wrap

Connect the remaining end of the new jumper to the input of the right fuse

The remaining changes take place inside the enclosure

Disconnect the neutral input wire (white) from the left input cord from the board terminal
Install the 14 gauge solid wire between the two neutral jumpers terminals on the board

Disconnect the ground input wire (green) from the left input cord from the terminal lug on the enclosure

Remove the left input cord from the enclosure


Disclaimer: The owner of this site assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred by someone attempting this modification. The information on this page is intended to be used by a person with knowledge of electrical wiring. Proper electrical practices should always be followed. This information was determined by reverse engineering a LOR1600W. Light-O-Rama did not provide this information and is not associated with it.

Last revised: December 06, 2013